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Discover new opportunities to enhance your PR efforts through technology

Gain valuable insights into latest the advancements, trends, and projections in PR technology and AI


Discover in the report

The Use of
 PR Technology.png.png

The Use of
PR Technology

Discover which tools and features PR practitioners use in their everyday work and how satisfied they are with the outcome.

PR Tech and AI

PR Tech and AI

Dive into the world of AI, explore emerging trends, and get inspired to leverage cutting-edge PR technology and stay ahead of the competition.


PR Tech

Read about the most common struggles and check out insights on how to deal with them from industry experts.

A sneak peak of the data you’ll discover in the study

marks the satisfaction score among professionals who utilize Chat GPT for work

of PR Pros find the media database to be the most valuable solution

threat posed by AI according to PR practitioners are manipulation and fake news

problem: getting journalists to respond

foresee critical thinking to be a paramount PR skill for the future

of PR practitioners struggle with tight budgets

All the things you didn't know about PR technology in one place

The State of PR Technology Survey 2023

We interviewed over 300 PR professionals who worked at companies ranging from 1 to 500+ employees


Prowly’s Insights

We pulled anonymous data from Prowly’s platform and looked at when and how others use our tool.


Semrush Online Search Volume Trends

Using Semrush data, we compared Google searches related to “PR technology” and their volumes between 2018 and 2022


Discover exciting PR insights shared by industry experts

Read the report to get to know all about PR trends and insights of 2023

Jennifer Berson
founder of Jeneration PR
Amy Kenigsberg
COO & Cofounder of K2 Global Communications
Will Hobson
PR Director at Rise at Seven
Tonya McKenzie
Founder of Sand & Shores
Gini Dietrich
Founder of Arment Dietrich, author of Spin Sucks, and creator of the PESO Model
Michelle Garrett
PR Consultant at Garrett Public Relations
Sameen Faisal
Digital PR Lead at Astera
Niki d'Hubert
Deputy Managing Director at Navigate PR Ltd
James Hayward-Browne
Co-founder of PR agency Bottled Imagination
Tamara Sykes
Account Director at Stacker

Save Time on Tedious Tasks
with Technology in 2023

See how technology can speed up your workflow and why PR software use is on the rise

About Prowly

We’re a technology company that has created an all-in-one workflow automation solution for PR professionals where companies of all sizes can manage media relations more effectively by saving time on routine tasks.

The solution has been successfully conquering the global PR software market for the past 10 years and today it has already been used by more than 7,000 users from over 70 countries.


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